I have 2 days of Thanksgiving ahead of me and I’m starting to feel under the weather! This is so not cool, especially because I’m doing all the cooking and hosting for my family Thanksgiving tomorrow! I’m.hoping it will blow over though, it doesn’t feel like anything more than a cold if its even that. What in really hoping is that its a bug from my immune system being supressed because I’m pregnant. 🙂 I’m doing my best to not think about it but I can’t help it! My boobs are sore, my nipples are super sensitive, I’ve been all stopped up, exhausted all the time, my face is breaking out and now this. I should know by next week! That would be the best Christmas present ever! I’m just staying positive and trusting that God has a plan and He will give us a baby when the time is right. 🙂 but hopefully the time is right now!!!



I’m a little worried about my puppy. My poor King man is acting kinda funny, whenever he gets really excited he turns into a C, literally he pulls his hips around so that he’s curled around and looks like a C. Ross and I were poking around on his hip and found a sore spot and a bump on his thigh muscle. He walks fine when he isn’t all worked up, he jumps up and down off the couch and the bed fine, he’s still eating and playing so I think he’s just got a sore muscle but still. I’m thinking it might be because its getting so cold, maybe him and Blue are playing too rough outside or something like that. I’m hoping he works it out soon, I hate it when my babies hurt. 😦 (especially when I have no money to go to the vet!) I’m going to get some baby aspirin and vitamin E tomorrow to start giving him so hopefully he’ll start to loosen up soon.


I really hate when TV shows and movies portray abused woken as little sniveling women who are so scared of everything and refuse to fight back even to protect their children. I know that abuse is a horrible and scary thing to go through, trust me I know, but there has to be a point when enough is enough. My ex almost killed me more than once and I fought back with everything that I had. He would get wasted and start being violent and I would go toe-to-toe with him so that I could make sure he wouldn’t hurt anybody else around, I couldn’t even imagine what I would do if we had had any children.
It just rubs me the wrong way every time I see that kind of scene on TV. I’ve been through it and it doesn’t look like that.


So, I’m sitting in bed, putting off doing anything but snuggling with my dogs because I’m getting so overwhelmed with holiday planning, and this lady is basically insulting everything that everyone does to help her because she doesn’t like herself. Its irritating me because I just don’t understand why people act that way, about anything not just their own looks. Yes, I have had to fight quite a few fights with myself over how I think I look and how I don’t like myself, but I’m in the process of getting over it. I feel like if people would look past the end of their nose and past the reflection in the mirror, their life would be so much more enjoyable.
I have dealt with weight issues myself for almost 10 years. I was borderline anorexic in high school, took any kind of diet pill that I could and tried any kind of “miracle” weight loss cleanse and detox I heard about, all with my mother’s approval. But even when I was in a situation where I was so broke that we couldn’t buy food so I was literally starving, I didn’t think I was skinny. My friends and family said I came home with a hollowed face and sunken in cheeks because of not eating but I didn’t see it. But now, I’m back to my curvy belly and almost double chin but I’m happier. I tell myself every day that I have an amazing man who married me for me and he loves the way I look. I am working out and eating better because I want to be healthier and if the weight comes of I will be ecstatic. But I have learned that being hypercritical does not do anything to improve your life. All it does is make you miserable.
To me, there is no reason to be so stressed out about everything. There are times when I get super stressed (like right now with all this Thanksgiving planning and prepping!) and I just get so sick that I am reminded how much easier it is if you avoid the stress. If you don’t like something and you can change it, then change it. If you can’t change it then move one. That’s how I live my life. If you have choices, then figure out which one is better for you and do it. To me, that seems simple enough. I just don’t want to deal with all the drama. I’m a married adult, I’m going to act like one.

(I feel like I’ve rambled on and on but I’ve been thinking about it for a while so…that’s my brain.)

Kids and Cooking

So I got a txt from Ross’ cousin this morning asking me if I could watch her kids in the morning of the day before Thanksgiving. I told her I couldn’t come to her house because I’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving but that I would live to watch them at my house while I cook. She laughed and said “I love that you think cooking with 2 kids will work.”

What is that supposed to mean? How does she make dinner every night? My mom did it all day every day and every holiday. Now, his cousin is kinda opinionated and judgy so I get why she would think that I couldn’t do it, but still. I take care of twin 9 year old boys as a job. Just last week I put together a whole science fair project/posterboard, made sure the boys didn’t kill each other and cooked dinner, all in an hour. I’m pretty sure I can handle two kids under the age of 5 while a turkey is in the oven and my husband is home. I’m not discounting anything about parenting or anything like that, because I know it is a hard job, but that doesn’t sound hard. Especially with these kids, they are pretty easily entertained.


I know it isn’t a big deal, it just kinda miffed me. She txts me whenever she needs help watching her kids but she insults me when I offer to adjust my schedule a little and watch her kids in my house on my busiest day all month. It just doesn’t make sense to me. If you’re going to ask me to do you favors, its probably best to keep your insulting opinions to yourself. I’ll still help them out cuz I love watching these adorable munchkins and I know that’s just how Nicole is, its just a little irritating.

J kitty


Its been a week since J died. It sucks. Every time I think about it I start crying. But as sad as it makes me, I feel a million times worse for my daddy. He got up at 2 am and found him, he had died in his sleep. My mom told me tonight that my dad couldn’t bring himself to take J to the vet for them to take his body so he went by himself to the park and buried him. I’m just so sad that I didn’t get to say good bye, I was going to see him the next day!


Christmas is going to be so strange without him playing in the wrapping paper. He’s been with us for 12 years. He used to come sleep on the back of my knees every night and he would come up to me and start purring every time I came home. He was the sweetest kitty ever and I miss him every day.


Thou shalt not judge

This is truly amazing. The fact that she can be so kind and good after so many people are attacking her precious innocent daughter is truly an inspiration. God has forgotten our sins so we should too.

Well that didn’t happen now did it?? Sometimes I find myself wondering how anyone could turn away from God. The man who gave us his one and only son to die on the cross for our sins. The one who gives all we have. Who blesses us daily. who gives us life and the ability to make another human from our own genes. How can you just turn from that. Like it’s no big deal…but after a LONG drama filled night it hit me like a wrecking ball “CHRISTIANS” I say this very, very loosely… These Christians who judge and put down others because they sin differently than them. The ones who say terrible things and don’t accept you because of your past or present . How hypocritical. Did we forget what the bible says about sin?

Matthew 7:1-5 ESV / 107 helpful votes

“Judge not, that you be not…

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Ok, so this is what pissed me off. Andrew has been struggling some with his math since starting third grade. (And by struggling a little I mean that he’s failed his last three tests) So me and his parents have been trying to figure out ways to help him, going over everything, making up extra math worksheets for him to do, the whole works. So today he had another sticker in his agenda about another failed test so I asked him what this test was on. His answer was bar models. Now this may not seem like a big deal to anybody else but when I heard this I got really pissed. You know what his homework has been for the last week? Multiplication and word problems! I don’t even know what bar models are!!! Needless to say, I’m pissed about this stupid math. They don’t teach the kids how I learned so I’m already having trouble helping them, and now this! How can they expect kids to do well when they’re learning one thing in class then something completely different on homework and its all new?!?! I had to teach Andrew how to do his multiplication homework yesterday because he had never even done the problems before! Homework is supposed to be a review of what you learned in class, not something new entirely! I still don’t entirely understand this stupid Singapore method of teaching math but if this is what it is when I have kids, they’re going to be homeschooled. I am soooo glad I didn’t become a teacher if this is how I would have to be teaching kids. I am just really at a loss as to how and why the people who decide on school curriculums and methods of reaching think that this is a good way. I see zero value whatsoever in overloading these poor kids little brains so they don’t retain anything, instead of just taking a little longer and actually thoroughly teaching the subject! I am so irritated with this whole system!!!

Twitter drama.

This is so amazingly perfect! If more people would embrace this, the world would be a much better place. Kill the meanies with kindness!

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past year, it’s to never stoop to someone’s level. I have been insulted for my looks, for being a young mom, to being too skinny, and have even had people talk bad about my daughter. Though it makes me angrier than words can even describe I’ve realized a few different things.

Number one-When people fight with you they want a reaction. They want you to scream and cuss at them. And they will do ANYTHING to get you to that point. Don’t let them bring you down. They’re obviously lonely and sad… Which brings me to my next point. People who are so hateful and tear people down in such harsh ways obviously struggle with things within themselves. It’s sad. Though I know some of you probably aren’t religious, those of you who are, pray for them. No matter how much…

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