Twitter drama.

This is so amazingly perfect! If more people would embrace this, the world would be a much better place. Kill the meanies with kindness!

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past year, it’s to never stoop to someone’s level. I have been insulted for my looks, for being a young mom, to being too skinny, and have even had people talk bad about my daughter. Though it makes me angrier than words can even describe I’ve realized a few different things.

Number one-When people fight with you they want a reaction. They want you to scream and cuss at them. And they will do ANYTHING to get you to that point. Don’t let them bring you down. They’re obviously lonely and sad… Which brings me to my next point. People who are so hateful and tear people down in such harsh ways obviously struggle with things within themselves. It’s sad. Though I know some of you probably aren’t religious, those of you who are, pray for them. No matter how much…

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