Kids and Cooking

So I got a txt from Ross’ cousin this morning asking me if I could watch her kids in the morning of the day before Thanksgiving. I told her I couldn’t come to her house because I’ll be cooking for Thanksgiving but that I would live to watch them at my house while I cook. She laughed and said “I love that you think cooking with 2 kids will work.”

What is that supposed to mean? How does she make dinner every night? My mom did it all day every day and every holiday. Now, his cousin is kinda opinionated and judgy so I get why she would think that I couldn’t do it, but still. I take care of twin 9 year old boys as a job. Just last week I put together a whole science fair project/posterboard, made sure the boys didn’t kill each other and cooked dinner, all in an hour. I’m pretty sure I can handle two kids under the age of 5 while a turkey is in the oven and my husband is home. I’m not discounting anything about parenting or anything like that, because I know it is a hard job, but that doesn’t sound hard. Especially with these kids, they are pretty easily entertained.


I know it isn’t a big deal, it just kinda miffed me. She txts me whenever she needs help watching her kids but she insults me when I offer to adjust my schedule a little and watch her kids in my house on my busiest day all month. It just doesn’t make sense to me. If you’re going to ask me to do you favors, its probably best to keep your insulting opinions to yourself. I’ll still help them out cuz I love watching these adorable munchkins and I know that’s just how Nicole is, its just a little irritating.

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