I’m a little worried about my puppy. My poor King man is acting kinda funny, whenever he gets really excited he turns into a C, literally he pulls his hips around so that he’s curled around and looks like a C. Ross and I were poking around on his hip and found a sore spot and a bump on his thigh muscle. He walks fine when he isn’t all worked up, he jumps up and down off the couch and the bed fine, he’s still eating and playing so I think he’s just got a sore muscle but still. I’m thinking it might be because its getting so cold, maybe him and Blue are playing too rough outside or something like that. I’m hoping he works it out soon, I hate it when my babies hurt. 😦 (especially when I have no money to go to the vet!) I’m going to get some baby aspirin and vitamin E tomorrow to start giving him so hopefully he’ll start to loosen up soon.

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