Animal Care and Control

It was so sad today, I was on my way back to work and saw a brown lab that I had never seen before digging through someone’s trash for food. I almost stopped and if I hadn’t already been basically late for work I would have. Instead I called the local Animal Care and Control to have someone come out and pick the poor baby up. As much as I hate the idea of putting dogs in shelters, a cage would be better than being outside in the rain and cold. When I called them back on my way home again a few hours later though they said that they weren’t able to find the dog. 😦 that was just one of the saddest things I’ve seen in real life. You always see the super sad pictures of starving children and dogs that have been used as bait and children who have been abused, but you don’t usually see things like that in real life. It was just very shocking to me.

I spent a few months working for the local humane society and it just totally captured my passion. I have always been an animal person (which is why I have 3 dogs, all rescues) and I wish there was something I could do! I have been staring longingly at an empty old car dealership by my house and wishing that I could turn it into a bully breed rescue even though I know that it isn’t really a possibility. I have plans and an outline drawn up for a book that I want to write to bring more attention to the problems that animals face in the shelters. I see updates every Thursday on Facebook from a friend who tries to work with a small shelter in rural IT about the dogs that they don’t have the room for and will euthanize if they don’t get adopted by Monday. It’s so horrible because the puppies are so adorable and it breaks my heart that they most likely won’t be around next week. I wish I could just turn into a crazy dog lady and adopt/rescue every single dog that I see who needs love!

My goal is to write my book, get it published and be on The Daily Show with John Stewart.  (I have plenty of other dreams that are all over the board but this is one of the most important)


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