Disnerd Alert!!!

So, I am your typical girl. I am obsessed with Disney Princesses. I haven’t seen all of the movies, but I want to! I do have a pretty impressive Disney movie collection, if I do say so myself. 

Last night I told my husband that I want my hair to look like Merida’s when I finally get it grown out, bright red and curls everywhere. He rolled his eyes and said no (even though he doesn’t really get a say). But I really love her hair! It’s wild and untamed and gorgeous! So I have decided that Merida and Anna (from Frozen) are my Disney Princess spirit animals. Seriously. Merida is so outgoing and opinionated but tried to please her mother for the majority of her life, she stands up for herself and she stayed true to herself. Anna grew up without any friends and with only her sibling for company, she stands up for what she believes in, she doesn’t let anybody walk all over her or push her around, she goes all out all the time, and she is unapologetically herself. These are things that I want to strive to be and things that I want my future kids to strive to be as well.

Merida is brave and true and loyal. Anna is loving and kind and charismatic. Belle is smart and a dreamer and not afraid to say no. Cinderella is a hard worker and doesn’t complain and believes in miracles. Mulan is strong and unafraid and willing to do whatever it takes to protect her family. Jasmine is an animal lover and doesn’t feel the need to be what other people expect her to be. Rapunzel chases her dreams and fights for what she wants. Elsa tries to protect her family and is sentimental and becomes unafraid to show her true self. Pocahontas didn’t judge people based on their skin color and she stood up to her father when she believed he was in the wrong. Pongo and Perdita risked their lives for their children. Copper protected his friend. Bambi grew strong despite devastating loss. Tiana never gave up on what she wanted, no matter how bad things looked. Marlin never gave up, no matter how far he had to go and how many scary things he had to face. Oliver never forgot the people who helped him when he was at his lowest. Tarzan never forgot where he came from. Hercules was willing to give up his everything for the one that he loved.

So many people are anti-Disney but I want my children to watch every Disney movie they can get their hands on. Sure, when you’re a kid they’re just fun cartoons. But as you get older they help to shape and define you. You see things in your favorite characters that you want to emulate. You want to be brave or a protector or a dreamer or unafraid. Disney helps you see how those things look and helps you achieve them. I know that I would not be the person that I am today without Disney movies. I am brave like Merida, I am unapologetically myself like Anna and found a man like Kristoff, I believe in miracles like Cinderella, I am smart like Belle, I am an animal lover like Jasmine, I have grown strong despite the horrors in my past like Bambi, I haven’t forgotten the people who were there to help me out of the hole like Oliver, I would willingly give anything for my love like Hercules, I am Disney. 

Disney movies give you something to hold onto when things look bleak. Disney gives you someone to laugh with when you’re on the mountaintop. Disney gives you things to aspire for and life lessons to learn. Disney helps you to stay young, no matter how old you get.

And it’s all because of a mouse.


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