The Boy’s Club

So I go tomorrow afternoon to take the ASVAB test in Louisville! I’m really excited, and the excitement is only increasing the closer it gets. No nerves at all, just excitement. 😀 Which is a good thing, of course. I guess I am a little nervous, but it’a about little inconsequential things like having to drive to L-ville and back with some guys I don’t know and what are we going to talk about? Are they going to think the questions I ask are dumb? What are the current and official appearance requirements for girls? What are the Navy’s requirements for their pushups (form, etc.)? When do you get your signing bonus, if you get one? Just things like that, nothing to do with the major things. 🙂 I’ve spent so long deliberating over all the big things that I’m down to the nit-picky details now.

But one thing that I’ve noticed as I’ve been spending my copious amounts of free time at work fake shopping online (adding things to your wish list but not actually buying anything), there isn’t much for the female soldier/sailor. In my searching I found shirts, necklaces, keychains, sweatshirts, rings, earrings, wristbands, headbands, phone cases, and pretty much anything else you can think of for the supportive family members. Here are some of the ones that I saw: Navy Mom, Navy Dad, Sexy Navy Mom, Navy girlfriend, Navy fiancé, Navy sister-in-law, Navy brother-in-law, I support my Navy cousin, I support my Navy nephew, Navy parent, I support my Navy husband, Navy sister, and Navy wife. I did see a Navy boyfriend and an I support my Navy granddaughter, but those were the only ones that I could find that were geared towards family of female sailors! Why isn’t there more available to show that I’m a female sailor and proud of it? Why aren’t there more Navy husband shirts out there? I know that the military, and especially the Navy, has usually been a boys club. In fact, the Navy SEALs still don’t even allow girls to apply. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still show support for our female soldiers!!! I was talking to my friend the other night who had looked into becoming a Marine. While the Marine Corp. does allow women to join, she was telling me that their weight requirements are highly unrealistic. She said that she would have had to basically become anorexic to get small enough to qualify, and then she wouldn’t have been able to perform up to their standards so she wouldn’t have been allowed to become a Marine anyways. While, yes, things like that bother me, I know why it’s done. That’s whatever. But I think it’s a huge job and an amazing thing to be a female soldier, no matter what branch you’re in, so why don’t we have more products out there to show that?

I think once I’m done with basic and all my training and stuff, I might try to start and Etsy shop with products just like all the other shops that support the military, but I will have shirts that say things like “Proud to be a female sailor” and “Navy husband” and “I support my wife” and stickers for your car that say “Navy” and “Navy sailor” and “Navy Diver” and “soldier” and things like that in pink and other girly colors. I want female soldiers to be able to show off what they’ve accomplished and be proud of what they’ve done! I want to be able to have cute T shirts to wear that say I’m a member of the US Navy! I want my anchor designs and jewelry to be more than just fashion! Female soldiers shouldn’t be limited in the kinds of cute shirts and keychains and bumper stickers and sweatshirts and jewelry they can find and wear just because there are more males in the military than women! It is an amazing thing to be a soldier, and even more amazing to be a female soldier, why aren’t more people supporting that? Yes, it’s great that every MILSO out there can show her support for her hubby or fiancé or boyfriend, but what about the MILSO’s that are waiting on their wives or girlfriends or fiancee to get home? And why aren’t there more products out there for the women who are in the military? Do people think that because they’re soldiers they don’t like cute things? Maybe thats the prevailing theory, that all women in the armed forces are dykes or something, but it’s not true. Just because we became soldiers instead of secretaries doesn’t mean we might not want to put a pink sticker on our car or wear a pink shirt with a sassy saying on it.

Just because the military is predominately a boys club doesn’t mean that we should ignore the fact that there ARE women in this boys club too! Where’s my shirt?!?


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