Ok, so this is what pissed me off. Andrew has been struggling some with his math since starting third grade. (And by struggling a little I mean that he’s failed his last three tests) So me and his parents have been trying to figure out ways to help him, going over everything, making up extra math worksheets for him to do, the whole works. So today he had another sticker in his agenda about another failed test so I asked him what this test was on. His answer was bar models. Now this may not seem like a big deal to anybody else but when I heard this I got really pissed. You know what his homework has been for the last week? Multiplication and word problems! I don’t even know what bar models are!!! Needless to say, I’m pissed about this stupid math. They don’t teach the kids how I learned so I’m already having trouble helping them, and now this! How can they expect kids to do well when they’re learning one thing in class then something completely different on homework and its all new?!?! I had to teach Andrew how to do his multiplication homework yesterday because he had never even done the problems before! Homework is supposed to be a review of what you learned in class, not something new entirely! I still don’t entirely understand this stupid Singapore method of teaching math but if this is what it is when I have kids, they’re going to be homeschooled. I am soooo glad I didn’t become a teacher if this is how I would have to be teaching kids. I am just really at a loss as to how and why the people who decide on school curriculums and methods of reaching think that this is a good way. I see zero value whatsoever in overloading these poor kids little brains so they don’t retain anything, instead of just taking a little longer and actually thoroughly teaching the subject! I am so irritated with this whole system!!!